I am an economics consultant with a passion for understanding the intersection between economics and public policy.

After majoring with an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a postgraduate degree in economics and public policy both from French universities, I spent 7 years working in the private sector in Buenos Aires for a global pharmaceutical company. During my time there, I had the opportunity to work on projects in collaboration with South American and EU governments, and companies,  across a range of sectors including hard tech, heavy industry and the chemical sector.

After several years in the private sector, I felt a need to explore the other side of the coin and understand how non-profit organizations operate in the public policy space and how their work influences in turn the economic activities of companies. I transitioned to the NGO sector where I worked to promote the economic empowerment of minority groups, social justice, human rights and environmental protection.

I am now drawing on this cross-sector expertise as an independent public policy advisor to advise governments, research institutes and private corporations on policies that address economic, social, and environmental issues. I have a particular interest in climate issues and the environmental footprint of corporate activity. I am passionate about engaging in a balanced debate, crossing traditional sectoral boundaires, aware that there are always valid perspectives on many sides of the debate.